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Our businesses include feed production, hog production, slaughtering, the production, distribution and sale of fresh pork and processed meat products, and the import and sale of frozen meat products.

As one of China’s famous meat company operating across the entire value chain of the industry, COFCO Meat owns dozens of hog farms, 2 slaughtering plants and 2 processed meat plants strategically located across China. Its two core brands, Joycome and Maverick, mainly sell fresh pork and processed meat products, both of which have clear positioning, with high food-safety and quality standards as the brands’ core values.

COFCO Meat’s vertically integrated value chain and strict procedures for supervisory control ensure food safety. COFCO Meat has established a sound and comprehensive product traceability system and have obtained and maintained quality and safety management system certifications including ISO9001, ISO22000, and HACCP. None of our products has ever failed tests for the presence of veterinary drugs or prohibited chemicals from the Ministry of Agriculture or the China Food and Drug Administration. Shortly before the 2012 London Olympics, the General Administration of Sports of China designated COFCO Meat as the sole meat product supplier for Chinese Olympic Sports Delegation, an important demonstration of recognition of and trust in the safety and quality of our products. The China Anti-Doping agency conducted extensive sample testing of our meat products using international standards. Our products passed 100% of these tests.

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